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Retail is Everywhere

Retail is everywhere- from the small Mom and Pops store to the big Walmart. With its very dynamic nature and new challenges every day, Retail happens to be an area where IT solution works like wonder. The entire retail supply chain process has many avenues where we can start implementing the IT solutions. These can be started off at any point of contact in the supply chain process. Also, there are various departments in a retail chain that can work efficiently once automated. IT solutions can help Retail industry in terms of improved customer experience, efficient product life cycles, better supplier-retailer relationship to name a few. IT solutions for retail industry work in the area of merchandizing, POS, supply chain management, MDM, vendor collaboration, CRM etc.

Transform your retail business with engaging brand experiences that strengthen your customer relationships, drive profitable growth and build competitive advantage.

Core benefits to retailers

  • Retail business analysts heading domain study and QA services

  • Dedicated team of analysts, testing experts and project managers

  • Flexible approach with focus on maximizing client revenue growth and resource optimization

  • Cost-effective testing solutions with up to 70 percent saving on your budget

  • Multi-platform retail software testing enables customers enjoy the range of consumer options

  • Perfect blend of commercial and open-source tools allow low cost and greater compatibility of retail software testing framework

  • Ready to use test packs save time and cost

  • Skilled team with proficiency in latest technology and tools

Strategic Vision

T echnology has given retailers the ability to forge a personal relationship with their customers. With insights into shopping habits and lifestyle choices from million customers, it is an analytics powerhouse that can be used to provide targeted promotions, tailored suggestions and recommendations from the shopper's social circle. Blue Ribbon Software Solutions needed to make the most of all this great data, and started revamping - moving from cards to a compelling, non-intrusive shopping applications that understands the way they shop and what they like to shop. Blue Ribbon Software Solutions also enables firms to consolidate activities and create wonderful experience that offers a great service no matter how consumers choose to interact with a company. The retailer of today will have to fully engage with the customer across channels, tap into new geographies and unlock value with operational excellence. To accomplish this, retailers will need a partner that can contribute across the value chain and which leads to fulfill a strategic vision of the organization.