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Internet has revolutionized the media

The rise of the Internet has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. Online platforms are becoming dominant, content consumption behaviors are changing and new competition is arising from the entirely new sectors. In the connected, and particularly mobile, consumer landscape M&E companies need greater agility to capitalize on the emerging opportunities.

Media, broadcasting and entertainment marketing requires presenting your content the way today’s consumers expect to get it Blue Ribbon Software Solutions available on multiple channels and across multiple devices. We help you better understand your audiences, deliver content on every platform and take advantage of revenue opportunities.

Blue Ribbon Software Solutions helps media businesses understand and analyze this shifting competitive ground, providing comprehensive tracking of markets, metrics and strategies. You get detailed analysis, data and insights about media content and hardware providers and operators, and their offerings, revenues and growth in diverse media spaces. Blue Ribbon Software Solutions media collections provide the trusted technical knowledge vital to every stage of the engineering process.

Opening positions

Blue Ribbon Software Solutions Cloud Platform empowers artists and media professionals across key workloads critical to their business: from content ingestion into the cloud, graphics rendering, media archival & disaster recovery, to video transcoding and distribution for live streaming.

Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on creativity, backed by the same infrastructure relied on by Google’s own services.

In today’s competitively digitized world, leading Media organizations realize how decisive effective data management and advanced analytics are for their industry.

They are always looking out for means to efficiently exploit the subtle and critical opportunities in this ever-growing union of Big Data and Technology, which once transformed into actionable insights, can empower every resource within their organization to make smarter, faster and even more accurate decisions.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Blue Ribbon Software Solutions cutting-edge technologies streamline the creative process for media and entertainment industry customers in:

  • Broadcast

  • Production and post-production

  • Advertising

  • Media agencies