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Big Data

Big data describes a holistic information management strategy that includes and integrates many new types of data and data management alongside traditional data.

We live in a world increasingly driven by data. How your organization defines its data strategy and approach—including its choice of big data and cloud technologies—will make a critical difference in your ability to compete in the future.

  • Leverage the benefits of big data in the cloud

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  • Extend scalability, reliability, and resiliency across the entire environment

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Big Data

A triad of terms captures the essence of “big data”: volume, velocity and variety. The volume and pace at which data is created can challenge existing computing infrastructure. For example, every flight of a Boeing 777 can generate up to 1 terabyte (~1000 gigabytes) of data. Making sense of this data is imperative for decision making and troubleshooting. The theory of bounded rationality proposed by Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon is ever more significant today with the increased complexity of business problems; the human mind is constrained in its capacity to evaluate alternatives, given limited time to make conclusions.

Our Big Data Team is one of the largest specialized in-house software engineering teams in India and has extensive expertise in design and implementation, as well as certifications in multiple Data Warehousing, Hadoop and BI technologies.

Gartner defines Big Data as “Information Assets with high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety that require new forms of storage and processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization.”

Today's applications are generating more and more data all the time. And this data is being generated faster. Use the products and services on Google Cloud Platform to help you collect, ingest, and analyze your data. With Google Cloud Platform, you can take advantage of Google's scale and speed to quickly and cost effectively use your data to benefit your application.

success with predictive power

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest—win. Big data done right extracts value immediately to make customers happy, inform big decisions quickly, and find the waste and risk that should be eliminated first. When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins. The data-driven organization best accomplishes continuous improvement and is most capable of planning for success with predictive power.