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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has reinvented itself over the past twenty-five years. The global automotive industry is growing, and manufacturers in many regions are faced with increased production and the demand for more affordable, high-quality products. There is also a deep focus on customer satisfaction. Imbalances in forecasted customer demand and legacy investments have led to over - capacity. Increased competition and technological advancements have intensified cost pressures. Consolidation among automotive suppliers and economic pressure has led to an aggressive drive towards technological innovation and cost dominance across the industry.

Numerous companies in the automotive industry are now using Blue Ribbon’s Software to automate and streamline their customer-related processes. There are many application scenarios for the software. For example, automotive manufacturers use the solution to control service processes as well as process and analyze all requests from prospective customers, clients, and dealers in one IT system.

Further areas of applications for Blue Ribbon Software Solutions include optimization of industry-specific IT services as well as professional lead management, from the initial contact to the conclusion of the agreement. In all of these areas, customer-centered software helps companies reduce response times, increase transparency, and improve business performance in measurable ways.

Blue Ribbon Software Solutions can provide you the competitive edge in integrating technology change through cost-effective solutions. Blue Ribbon Software Solutions are positioned to service clients needs and focus on continuous training in leading technologies for Product Design & Development, Embedded Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and IT Solutions.

Automotive Industry

The global automotive industry is in a stage of dynamic evolution, visible in:

  • Industry consolidation and organization restructuring

  • Need for accelerated expansion in developing economies

  • Intense competition and shift toward more energy-efficient vehicles

  • New technologies and globalization of supply chains

To address these challenges, automotive organizations will have to adopt new methods for generating cash, effectively managing working capital, and implementing faster go-to-market strategies.

We understand the demands of automotive logistics, whether you are shipping cars, motorbikes or engine parts, and the pressures faced by manufacturers operating Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In-Sequence (JIS) production cycles. MSC has the experience, expertise and reliability to support such time-sensitive requirements – ensuring automotive cargoes are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

We provide a seamless, coordinated and efficient service across all of the major global trade lanes, enabling our customers to achieve their operational goals.

When engaged with Blue Ribbon Software Solutions, our clients enjoy the benefits of:

  • Strong intermodal offering.

  • Fast transit times.

  • Extensive equipment inventory.

  • Outstanding port coverage.